CDPAP – What is the Consumer Directed
Personal Assistance Program?

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CDPAP is a one of its kind New York State Personal Care program, funded by Medicaid, which empowers people with disabilities, self-directing seniors and designated representatives to select, train, recruit or terminate their personal assistant offering home care.

A contracted fiscal intermediary company offers required support to enroll for the program and supervises the paperwork. CDPAP is also called CDPAS- Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services. It was introduced in 1995. Over the years, its popularity and adoption has grown by leaps and bounds in New York.

CDPAP offers you the freedom and flexibility to pick your own care provider:

  1. As a CDPAP Consumer, you get the right to recruit and train a personal assistant. This may be a friend, family member or even someone in the neighborhood.
  2. The personal assistant chosen by you can help in carrying out mundane but essential daily tasks. The assistant, for example, can assist you in activities like bathing, making food, medication usage and dressing etc.
  3. Even teenagers can be recruited or hired as Personal Assistants under CDPAP, along with adults. However, according to the regulations, a CDPAP worker called a Personal Assistant is also required to perform specific health-related activities such as catheterization. This is where they are distinguished from a traditional Homecare provider.

Who is Eligible for CDPAP?

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A number of criteria have to be fulfilled before an individual can be eligible for CDPAP:

  • You should be a resident of NY and adult.
  • You need to have Medicaid.
  • You should be in a position to receive home care.
  • You must either be self-directing or a representative should be there to direct your care.
  • Most applicants/ consumers have to be enrolled in a type of Medicaid Managed Care to be eligible for CDPAP.

As a CDPAP Consumer you have certain responsibilities. These include:

  • Recruit, train, supervise and dismiss personal assistants
  • Hire required number of personal assistants to suite health care needs as well as lifestyle
  • Develop working relations with the PA
  • Notify the NYHC timely of employment status of personal assistants
  • Check the personal assistant records

CDPAP Application Process

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Below listed are the application steps you need to complete to become eligible for CDPAP, as per the latest laws:

  1. First of all, you need to get Medicaid coverage. This is mandatory because CDPAP is after all a Medicaid program.
  2. Ensure the Medicaid coverage you get includes community-based and long term services.
  3. Your doctor needs to fill in the Physician’s Order for Services form and this should be sent to regional social services office.
  4. The social services office will arrange for two assessments- nursing assessment and social assessment. This is required to determine the hours of care required per week and month by the applicant.

CDPAP Regulations in NY State

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Since its inception the CDPAP norms have been revised to make it better suited for applicants as well as PAs. The law states immigrates need to possess valid work authorizations to be selected as PAs.

The NY state govt regulations prevent a designated representative of the CDPAP consumer to serve as the latter’s PA.

Who Can Provide Care Under CDPAP?

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As per latest laws, a family member, relative, neighbor or even friend can serve as a PA under the CDPAP program.

Only parents and spouses cannot serve as PA under this program. Unless the kids are very young, they can also be kept as PAs. These personal assistants need not possess any specific training or certification to be eligible.

How Does a CDPAP Caregiver Get Paid?

As per the norms of the CDPAP program, an applicant / a patient has the right to select a suitable personal caregiver.

Caregivers under this plan are deemed as independent consultants and they get payment through a fiscal intermediary. The personal assistants get paid by the state.

The good thing is health care benefits are also provided. However, in most cases, the caregivers do not earn a whopping amount. The applicants need to monitor time sheets of their PAs and submit them in time to ensure PAs receive the payment.

The Benefits of CDPAP

The introduction of CDPAP plan has turned out to be quite beneficial for seniors with ailments requiring constant care or those afflicted with disabilities requiring assistance on a daily basis.

No health assistance plan is absolutely perfect, but the CDPAP is sure something that’s helped many people in New York. Below listed are some of the major advantages of the CDPAP.

Reduced need to make changes

After you recruit/hire a family member of close friend as PA under the CDPAP plan, it is practically unnecessary to make major changes in lifestyle or schedules. The PA is already aware of your lifestyle needs and schedules and you may not even need to explain your daily needs to him/her under most situations. This makes things easier for both parties.

No need to move out

People with disabilities requiring daily assistance and care may not need to stay in senior care homes. For them the services of PAs under CDPAP is ideal. Staying in one’s own home and availing the required care and aid in medication is way better than staying at a far away place under supervision of unknown persons. The applicant can stay with his/her spouse or partner as well.

Service from a know and trusted person

Another big benefit of CDPAP is that it enables you to choose a person you trust and know well as the personal assistant. This is way better than hiring unknown people provided by typical caregiver agencies. You do not have to put up with the anxieties of letting an unknown person spend a lot of time in the household. This is also mentally assuring for others in the household who need to go out for work and feel worried about the ailing or elderly person left to the caregiver for a long time.

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A source of income

The major advantage of opting for CDPAP is that it enables a family member to earn an amount for offering care to you, maybe something they are already doing.It may not be a huge amount, but this definitely proves to be convenient for the caregiver. It can also be of help to a friend or neighbor attached to the ailing person.

No specific training or certification needed

CDPAP does not require a PA to undergo specific or extensive medical training to become eligible. He or she only needs to follow the tasks required by the applicant. This can include assistance with bathing, dressing, cooking and similar daily chores. However, sometimes the PA needs to remind the applicant to take medications. Occasionally and based on situations he/she may need to administer injections or clean up wounds.